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Extreme Calmag

Dutch Ferti Extreme CalMag is made from high-quality minerals in a balanced concentration. It contains magnesium, calcium and trace elements making it perfect for increasing the EC in osmosis or distilled water. With Dutch Ferti Extreme CalMag you can also correct nutritional deficiencies during the growing and flowering periods.

Dutch Ferti Extreme CalMag has been developed in such a way that it is quickly absorbed by the plant, the addition of the extra elements makes it one of the most complete products to quickly restore your plants from nutrient deficiencies.

You can give Dutch Ferti Extreme CalMag along with the fertilizers in the tank or spray the product over the leaves as a leaf fertilizer. Foliar fertilization results in faster absorption.

Application nutrient tank: 25ml to 100L water.
Application foliar spray: 20ml to 100L water.